The COVID-19 and Stigma Culture in India

Japungsar Basumatary


The COVID-19 has an enormous impact on human life causing a million of death and infection worldwide. Due to the growing number of deaths and infected cases, the people around the world are feeling insecure and fearing from dead and diagnosed with COVID-19. Consequently, the fear and feeling of insecurity have created a stigma in society. Stigma is a socially constructed thought of hate, anxiety and stress by the people against the people within a particular time and place. The infected people are facing hatred, avoidance and discrimination by the non-infected people as they feel insecure and being infected. While the stigma associated with the pandemic has become a key challenge to the crisis management affecting the policy and strategy of the government. The paper address the COVID-induced stigma culture as constructed during the pandemic in India. It argues that how the COVID-related stigma is a danger to health management during this pandemic.


the COVID-19; Stigma Culture; Pandemic and Stigma in India; Stigma and Policy Responses

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