The Unknown Sage’s Well- known Thought: The Pleasure Philosophy of Carvaka

Shantaraj Debbarma


The most desirable object in this world is obviously the pleasure. There may be different views regarding the origin, nature and class of pleasure, but nobody can deny the pleasure. Pleasure is one of the basic things of our life, without this, human development is impossible. Man can get pleasure in anytime, anywhere, any form and from any object. There are levels of pleasure. As a social and rational being, we should not approve all kinds of pleasure. The definition of pleasure may be differing from person to person and community to community, but the real pleasure should be the one which brings pleasure not only for oneself but for all. And to attaining the pleasure, knowledge is required, avoiding the knowledge one cannot think about pleasure. Pleasure will automatically come out if one lives a life with honor, justice and wisdom.   Justice resides there, where honor or respect is present and without wisdom justice is impossible. So we can say that to attain the pleasure and to staying in the warm of pleasure, wisdom is needed.


Pleasure, Pain, Ethics, Knowledge, Liberation

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