The contribution of women in the service sector

Prof. Dr. R. A. Fulkar


The service sector is not only a major sector of India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but also a significant attraction for foreign investment in providing significant employment as well as large employment in exports. The service sector in India includes a wide range of services such as trade, hotels and restaurants, transportation, storage and transportation, finance, insurance, real estate, business services, community, social and personal services and construction related services. The contribution of women in the service sector as a part of society is very important.In individuals (skills and abilities) women are as much in relation to skills and abilities as men. Certain personalities, related to characteristics, do not have communication skills in their social relationships. Their commitment is evident in the diversity of women’s more serious and hardworking roles for their work. Despite their comparative ability, women have to work harder than men to prove their professional ability. The new female employees are bright, enthusiastic and ready.


Gender dimensions in the service sector, employment opportunities for women in various sectors, government initiatives, examples of successful women.

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