Use of E-Resources by Undergraduate Students during the COVID_ 19 Pandemic in Sri Lanka

Rani Kumari Kulatunga



The study aims to examine the extent of benefits undergraduate students in Sri Lankan two Universities received from the e-resources offered by Uva Wellassa University and the University of Peradeniya  Libraries, especially during the COVID -19 pandemic in 2020. The survey was conducted through a questionnaire method and distributed by hands. The sample collection was 150 from both universities. The results showed modest use of e-resources during this critical time. The undergraduates mostly used the electronic resources for their assignments. They used e-journals and e-books. None of them indicated they did not use e-resources. Moreover, some respondents replied to their unawareness of these resources. The majority of respondents were willing to learn more about the e-resources how to use them. Also, they like to address problems they face when they searching electronic resources.


E-Resources, Undergraduate Students, University Libraries, COVID -19

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