The Concept of Nietzsche’s Morality: Morality for Will to Power

Shantaraj Debbarma


As our faces are different in shape so the moralities, our life are determined by the different moralities. And the actions are multidimensional; our actions are not followed by the single principle. Even one can take different principle in different situation. Morality cannot be one of a kind. Morality is now opposed of taste; we learned how to avoid the things that we love. We can never agree on the meaning of morality. Our conscience, our spirits never accept the morality which is not belongs to us. Morality is the guiding principle of our life. And there are many moralities and the finest or suitable morality is called as the virtue. The good and bad is nothing but which is conducive for achieving power. What is morality, kinds of morality, virtue, effects of religious morality, sympathy, cruelty, exploitation and will to power are the some issues which are discusses here in the light of Nietzsche.


Morality, Virtue, Sympathy, Will to Power, Exploitation etc.

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