Semiotic Analysis of Anurag Kashyap's film Gulal.

Mahesh Kumar, Dr Manoj kumar


Anurag Kashyap, a name synonymous to path-breaking cinema in India, has always portrayed women as independent and strong-headed. Kashyap’s movies create a woman in freehold, a wild spirit truly living its own breath. This study shows that Indian cinema includes films which are produced in India in various Indian languages. Indian Cinema (Bollywood) shows a consistence, diverse and dynamic pattern of visual culture. This research study aimed to analyse the title which are designed in Bollywood film’s posters using semiotics framework.

The posters, which have been selected for this study, analysed with different syntactic, semantic and practical approach. Analysis part of this study is helping to understood everything broadly. Syntactic analysis, Semantic analysis and Pragmatic analysis have been mentioned in different segment. This research study occurred Qualitative analysis, Poster has been analysed through content analysis method.

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