Influence of emerging technologies, digitization on Indian University Libraries with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir

Leela Dhar Mengi


Change is essential activity of library’s spiral cycle as library is a growing organism and hence to manage it, is a vital and tedious task. In this paper we want to suggest a mechanism of change management which can focus that change management was relevant not only in the initial phase, but also in the development phase of the library’s spiral cycle and is a continuous process. The ultimate goal of this work is to promote a better understanding of the process of Change Management in libraries. This research paper describes the management of technological change with in the staff of libraries of Jammu & Kashmir State Universities. It describes how much placate staff is with the technology, digitization and how much they resist change and reasons for their resistance including their perceptions for uncertainty. It also describes librarians’ role and strategies adopted by them to manage technological change and digitization. It further describes the role of communication in managing technological change and digitization. Exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. can be regarded as an effective tool in digitized environment to lead staff and change proficiently and successfully. In the knowledge society change is the only constant thing and it is inevitable. Information Communication Technologies have brought sea changes in the field of information sharing, retrieval and dissemination. The emergence of social media in general and social networking sites (SNS) in particular has affected the delivery of services to its user community all over the globe with special reference to Jammu & Kashmir State Universities.


University Libraries, Change Management, Web Technologies.

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