‘Analyzing the analyzed’: A Study of Women in New Media

Manoj kumar


The advent and usage of new media has created a whole new space for more interactive, more shared, more democratic and more personalized form of communication. Its feature of virtuality and unlimited tools of creating different kinds of online environment have attracted the eyes of scholars throughout the world, including the feminist ones as well. The present study tried to analyze the nature of this medium with regard to women. It was done by looking at  and analyzing the kind of studies attempted on this medium by different researchers on its different tools .It was found that  new media is contradictory in nature as it portrays traditional stereotyped image and roles of women in its content on one hand, while creating different social networks for causes , issues, campaigns and important deliberations on public policies. Further, the studies seemed to be attempted in a more varied manner as compared to those attempted on old mainstream media.  A common concern regarding the issue of privacy and invasion of personal lives was raised. It was concluded that there is a need of initiative on the part of policy makers to utilize and tap the unique potential and features of this medium for the development of women in different societies.

Keywords: New media, Women, stereotype, images, online

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