Reasoning Ability Of Adolescents In Relation TO Mental Health

Jasvir kaur


The present study aimed to find the significance of  relationship in reasoning ability as well as mental health of adolescent boys and girls.The sample of the study was 200 adolescent (100 boys and  100 girls) of Government /Government aided schools of Ludhiana city of Punjab.Correlation approach was adopted to ascertain the relationship between reasoning ability and mental health of adolescents. Significance of relationship between means was worked out to know the difference between boys and girls adolescents regarding reasoning ability and mental health. In this study  Reasoning Ability means Reasoning Ability Test by (R.A.T) (2006) by Dubey and Mental Health Battery (M.H.B) (2012) by Singh & Gupta. The study concludes that there is significance of relationship between reasoning ability as well as mental health  of adolescent boys and girls and there is no significant differences in mental health of adolescent  boys and girls.

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