Gender-based violence in India: A Human Right Issue

Susan Rai


Gender-based violence is considered as the most pervasive human right violence in the world (WHO, 2013). In India, crime against women is committed every three minutes (National Crime Record Bureau, 2013), 70 percent of women are victims of domestic violence (International Men and Gender Equality Survey, 2011) and 38 percent of Indian men admit that they have physically abused their partners and 65 percent of Indian men believe women should tolerate violence in order to keep the family together (International Men and Gender Equality Survey, 2011). The argument in this paper is that the gender-based violence in India is the most pervasive human right violence. It is examined primarily by drawing the data from NCRB 2015 and NFHS reports. The gender based violence not only endangers women’s right to equality and personal freedom but it is detrimental to right to life the very survival of women with dignity. 

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