Development of Forts Tourism in Pune District

Shivaji B. Shinde, Dr. Tushar A. Shitole


   Tourism is considered as one of the world’s largest industry. It is also considered as foreign exchange earning industry without any smoke or pollution. This activity, which adds to the national income of the country, is tourism or tourist industry. Thus without exchanging commodities, there is exchange of money, ideas, thoughts and services among people which leads to tourism.

       The total information regarding natural resources viz. physiography, climate, soil, water, natural vegetation (pattern and type of flora), animals (fauna) etc. as well as human factors like population (distribution and growth), settlement pattern, transport and communication facilities, festivals and other cultural activities is difficult to get from a single body and in short time for the above task. A database for an area, if generated will be useful for the planners, government, economists, eco-tourists, researchers and common man. Pune district is highly rich by its scenery, spiritual base and its culture. In this present study try to provide an integrated plan for tourist places forts in the Pune district with some special case studies.


Tourist Information System (TIS), sustainable planning

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