“To study Willingness to Pay for Improved Solid Waste Management for Pune City”

Prof. Mansi Khadke


Solid waste management (SWM) is an integral part of the urban environment, and planning of the urban infrastructure to ensure a safe and healthy environment, while considering the promotion of sustainable economic growth. Solid waste is one of the major environmental predicaments of Pune City which causes environmental degradation. Its management is entirely handled by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) including collection, transportation, disposal, financing and policy making. With the help of study it is observed that the cost of managing solid waste is huge and the revenue earned for the same covers only5% of the cost. In order to maintain efficient management of solid waste, it is necessary to reduce this cost-revenue gap. For this it is essential to discover more sources of finance.

This paper investigates the willingness to pay for an improved waste management in the study area. Also researcher has attempted to study peoples’ perception about funding of solid waste services.A Descriptive Research Design is used in this study. The data is collected using both secondary and primary sources which isanalyzed by charts & graphs.The results of the study revealed that on an average, 85% of the households are willing to pay for improved waste management. The results of this study would enrich our understanding of household willingness to pay for waste collection services and provide a guide to policy makers.


Solid waste, Solid Waste Management, Funding, Willingness to pay, Pune Municipal Corporation.

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