Non Government Organization in India – Challenges and Perspectives



NGO’s are Non Governmental Organization’s are usually refer for organization which is not part of Government thought could be founded by the Government. The primary objective of this organization is to provide public service. NGO’s are non profit making voluntary, service oriented for development oriented originations, either for the benefit of members or of other members of the population or any agencies. NGO’s include groups and institutions i.e. entirely and largely independent of Government. This organization that have primarily human interior or co-operatives, rather than commercial objectives. They are private social agencies in industrial countries that support development of groups organised regionally or nationally and member of groups in village. NGO’s are non profit making organization i.e. constituted with a vision by group. The main installation purpose of this organization is to provide public service and not for profit making organization. The achievements and success of NGOs in various field and the excellent work done by them in specific areas is no dough  tremendous task that has help to meet the changing needs of the social system. NGO’s sector in India is expending day to day social events. NGO’s are facing different problems which defer for reason to reason, organization to organization NGO’s include charitable and religious association that mobilised private funds for development distribute food and family planning service and also promote community organization. They are also including independent co-operative, community associations, water user societies, woman groups and pastoral association.


Non Government organization (NGO’s), Non Profit organization, non trading organization, public services voluntary organization, organizational challenges and perspectives.

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