Perception of Doctors and Management in building Customer Relationship Management : A Study on Selected Hospitals in Karnataka

Shivakumar K., Dr. K. S. Sarala


            Customer relationship management (CRM) which has overriding significance for any  business is no less significant for hospital services. Hospitals are most important elements in any health care delivery system. A hospital plays a major role in maintaining and restoring the health of the people. hospital since relationship of staff plays important role in treating patients- the hospital customers. In health care, CRM practices are essentially patient focused strategies that involve effective management of hospital interface and interaction with patient. In his study investigating the doctors and management insight of inter-professional teamwork in their hospitals. It could also differ in manifestation of cultural diversity from the hospital service quality improvement point of view. A structured questionnaire was collected data from 100 doctors and management respondents participants were selected randomly those are working in private hospital in Karnataka for selected healthcare facility provider. The collected data were analyzed through  regression and SEM Model. This paper is an attempt to find out inter-relationships between doctors and management perception in customer satisfaction to be supported loyalty. Analyze to opinion about the doctors and hospital management ought to bring about an understanding of cultural diversity towards quality improvement and to offer suggestions to have better CRM practices to enhance the quality of service in the selected private  hospital in Karnataka.


CRM, Customer loyalty, Service Quality

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