Students’inclination towardsSocial Entrepreneurship with special reference to undergraduate students of a business school in Pune.

Dr.Varsha Deshpande


Social entrepreneurship is a process of starting or managing a new business of a manufacturing or service nature with the primary purpose of helping the community – mainly in the areas of poverty, unemployment, human rights, education, medicine, environment etc. Social enterprises may be established for profit or no-profit and they involve taking risks associated with accomplishing its main purpose.

The Indian Scenario: In India, social entrepreneurship is a growing phenomenon wherein a good number of highly educated and learned people- most of them who have left their lucrative jobs in India or overseas , are striving to bring a positive change in various social areas as their commitment towards a social  cause . Their ultimate goal is to bring about sustainable and quality solutions to improve the standard of living of their fellow citizens.

Although a lot of work is done in this sector, a lot remains to be done. Particularly, the younger generation has to be aware of the need for social entrepreneurship and must develop an inclination to take up a social cause so as to bring about a sustainable change. A general observation indicates that most of the educated youth want to take up high package jobs or enter the already established family business. 

            This paper attempts to find out the students’ intention to become an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur or take up a job /employment after finishing their education. A group of 120 students of undergraduate courses in Commerce were administered a questionnaire to find out their inclination. The paper studies if there is a statistical relationship between selected variables (classified as personal reasons for starting a business in the questionnaire) and students ‘intention for entrepreneurship. Each independent variable is tested against the dependent variable i.e students’ intention to entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship or employment.

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