Presenting a new model for attractingpublic contributions and effective leadership of voluntary activities in Non Governmental Organization(NGOs) )based on the Cooperation Model of Mahak and Kassa Charity)

Masoud Hajrasouliha


Considering the need for sustainable and effective development in today's societies, voluntary forces and public participation will be effective in promoting the level of community culture and awareness in addition to use of the power of nongovernmental organizations. The model presented in this paper is a new method in which Mahak charity foundation, as an experienced and structured organization, has attempted to develop, support and go along with a newly established charity called KassaCharity Foundation for the protection of children with cancer in Isfahan (Kassa) so that,using existing potentials, itbecome able to accelerate the progress towards achieving the goals of the organization, which isthe comprehensive support of children with cancer Finally, we find that; in order to increase the level of satisfaction among volunteers, nongovernmental organizations(NGO) must develop transformational leaders and emphasize the benefits of volunteering to the benefit of others, in addition, they should feel good and welcome, about the volunteering of people in them. Show the ways in which volunteering provides an opportunity to represent and express human values, because this motivation will increase the willingness of the volunteer.


Volunteering, Popular Participation, Charity, Effective Leadership, Transformational Leadership.

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