Empowerment of women in Indian context

Surity Brohmo Choudhury


An eminent writer once commented that-- if you want to develop a nation it is the woman who should be empowered because once the woman is on the move the whole nation moves ( Nehru). The development of a nation lies on the shoulders of its male citizens in general and the female citizens in particular; hence the empowerment of the women folk is necessary. The paper highlights  the concept ofempowerment of women, goals of women empowerment and dimensions of empowerment. The paper throws light on the necessity or role of life skills for women empowerment. The paper further focuses on the process of empowerment, along with special rights, status, special teachings such as on gender equality, personality development, respect towards the other sex etc. which basically begins at home. Easy access to material wealth-  may be in form of landed property, and human and intellectual resources can give more impetus to women. The paper manifests the lifestyle of women which they lead  in due course of life.  The paper tries to suggest the significance of participation of women in various activities which are essential forsocio- economic development of the country. The paper also emphasizes on various efforts initiated towards women empowerment in the country.


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