Awareness about Plagarism amongst University of Agricultural Sceinces students in Dharwad

Dr. Shilpa Uplaonkar


Research is an original and systematic investigation undertaken to discover new facts and information about a phenomenon. However a variety of empirical and ethical issues are on the rise in academia, especially plagiarism is quickly becoming part of global educational and research culture. More and more students and researchers are turning to the Internet for cooked solutions and shortcuts for writing assignments, research papers and thesis. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the seriousness of plagiarism amongst students of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. It also explores the university students’ level of awareness of plagiarism. A total A total of 458 questionnaires were randomly distributed among the postgraduate students and research scholars and 386 filled-up questionnaires were received back. A self-reported questionnaire survey was used for collection of primary data Furthermore, the paper submits recommendations to minimize the plagiarism based on the authors’ experiences.


Plagiarism, students, awareness

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