Citizen journalism and the Indian media structure

Avneesh Kumar


The direct participation of audience in journalism through blogging, cellular telephones, social networking sites and so on has drawn much attention and seems to be challenging the hegemony of mainstream media to a certain extent. All around the world, the democratisation of media space is taking place. In India also, common citizens are persistently indulging in voicing the voiceless and bringing into light issues that traditional media frequently ignore. They are seeking to contest the narratives of conventional media, which are largely controlled by corporates and often become the pawn of them, proving that common people are no more mere helpless bystanders. In the times of increasing commercialisation of traditional media content, through citizen journalism, ordinary citizens are trying to provide space to change-oriented content, and gainsay the portrayal of the societal issues of mainstream media. Taking this into account, this paper seeks to present a perspective on how citizen journalists are heading towards making Indian media space democratic and inclusive. This article also focuses on the citizen journalism practice becoming an empowerment tool for the marginalised and its contribution in making media resources and privileges accessible to the suppressed and downtrodden population of the country.

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