ROLE OF INTERMEDIARIES (An empirical study in mutual fund Investor buying behaviour in Greater Visakhapatnam City)

renuka Pediredla


This paper discusses the role need to be played by Intermediaries in the sale of mutual funds and the after sale service. They play a major role in selling funds to investors by the way of assisting AMCs and providing timely information to investors. They are primarily responsible for penetration of fund units deeper into market. However, the sale of mutual funds was confined majorly to T-15 cities especially Mumbai which is heading the head offices of all most all fund houses.

 The need for distribution houses in selling funds and assisting AMCs is arising due to the fact of IFAs increasing in number along with their unprofessional sale practices like mis selling, up selling and cross selling. They need to play a big brother role in informed decision making of investors.

In this paper Distribution houses were studied their practices in mutual fund push into the market, customer satisfaction measures taken by them, after sales support to AMCs. The paper reports that in Visakhapatnam city the practice of mutual fund products is not up to the mark and needs to be strengthened.

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