Representation of Women in Rajkumar Santoshi’s Films

Prof(Dr) Sushma Gandhi, Inderjit Singh


Women are in an unenviable position throughout the globe today and long time since the past. In India, their situation is unique because of the culture and traditions so mired in religion, which is unconditionally dominated by men. Cinema has followed the path in allowing women very less space on screen and off screen though at times, the humanity or reason has shown through and problems of this section of the society have been addressed by the film makers who dared. One amongst them is Raj Kumar Santoshi. Has in his repertoire, many genres and his genius is undoubted.  However, his brushstrokes on the film canvas are the strongest in representing women. His women are the women of substance. The present study not only frames the auteur of this director but also studies his select films to know about his representation of women in them.

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Manoj Kumar,Amity University


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