A Study on the Importance of Innovation in Healthcare Sector in India



There is a famous saying “Health is Wealth”. As years goes by technology is upgrading and it is being applied in almost all the fields. India is a developing economy and it’s rich in human resources. But the Indian Government is lacking capital to fulfil the needs of the citizens of the country. Moreover millions of people die in India due to lack of proper medical facilities and money needed for the treatments. Though there are a number of government hospitals in India the technologies usage in these hospitals is still under developed as compared to private hospitals. Since majority of Indian population lie below the poverty line they do not have enough money to get treated in the specialty hospitals and are forced to get minimum medical support.

Health care sector is growing tremendously in our country. It means the needs of the people are also increasing day by day. Today the people are more health conscious and are getting more education related to health care. Health care providers are focusing more on the customer needs and provide the best of the service. Each health-care providers compete with their competitor’s by bringing new and upgraded technologies so as to survive in this business world.

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