A Study of Innovative Attitude of Indian Entrepreneurs of Various Industries in the Context to Educational and Economic Background

Dr. Jayen K Thaker, A. K. Chakrawal, Dr. Pratibha Goyal


The latest lifestyle or recent trends are the result of innovative efforts undertaken by entrepreneurs. It is the thirst of entrepreneurs that gives birth to a new product. To survive in economy innovations are essentials. Many entrepreneurs do not innovate but imitate and even though they earn handsome. Innovative attitudes may not be the property carrying by every entrepreneur. Not only but it might be the result of a multifold factors. So a research is conducted in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state. A sample of 209 entrepreneurs of various 7 prominent industries of Saurashtra have been selected and compared on the grounds of innovation. The study compares innovative attitude of entrepreneurs based on their educational qualifications and economic background. The results revealed that no significant difference is noticed among the various entrepreneurs of various industries based on innovation. They differed significantly while compared on the grounds of educational qualifications and economic backgrounds.


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Gujarat, Attributes, Educational qualifications, Economic background.

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