A Study on SIDBI’s various Scheme for MSMEs Development

Rajiv Babanrao Mohite


Micro, Small and Medium industries are engine of economic growth of India. They are spread all over India SIDBI is played important role in the development of Micro, Small and Medium industries. SIDBI has consciously adopted a ‘Credit Plus’ approach under which the SIDBI notice the Promotional and Developmental needs to MSMEs as well as other financial institutions along with their financial needs.

            SIDBI is actively granting support in the areas of cluster development, rural industrialization, technological up-gradation, entrepreneurship development, advisory services, promoting innovation and market linkages, etc. On the basis of promotional and development (P&D) involvement have made noticeable socio-economic impact benefitting more than 2.3 lakh persons in the MSME sector.  As well, more than 1.5 lakh employments have been created and over 80,000 unit’s mostly rural enterprises have been set up.

            SIDBI plays an important role in the development of Micro, Small and Medium industries, the paper highlight on different schemes of SIDBI in the growth of MSMEs and review its impact on said sector.


MSMEs, SIDBI, Credit Plus, P & D

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