‘NEED’ for the Representation of Archaeological sites in Tamilnadu Tourism Brouchers

Iniyan Elavazhagan



This paper is about the role and representation of archaeology in Tamilnadu heritage tourism. The main issue is about how archaeology and archaeological sites are represented in brochures and ‘flyers’ which have been produced in Tamilnadu for the tourist market. The discussion centers on the relationship and representation may have with issues of Tamil identity and the conservation, management and use of archaeology in modern Tamilnadu. The disparity between the explanations and descriptions of archaeological sites offered in tourism brouchers and those to be gleaned from even superficial browsing of academic literature is the matter of issue. The important aspect to be concerned severely is the relationship between ‘the public’ and archaeology; and the correlation between popular representations of archaeology and current issues in Tamilnadu archaeological resource management. This paper deals with Tamilnadu tourism promotional literature, ranging from brochures and flyers to guide books. It quickly became obvious that, how important are the archaeological monuments and artifacts to the represent Tamilnadu as a tourist destination.

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