Use of E-Governance Services in Education Sector

Mohammad Imran, Dr. Nitin Kumar Pandey


Education is thought to be the key factor for development of any country. To become successful in different fields, a nation should have a strong higher education system for its youth. In the changed scenario of the world, the education system especially the higher education system should develop new dimensions and new ways to provide more knowledge in a less time. One of the ways to fulfill this criteria is e- governance system. E-governance is the effective and useful way to use Information Communication Technology (ICT) for improving the system of governance. E-governance, by mean, provides government services through interactive websites and portals. This paper discusses that how the E-governance system can bring the major changes in higher education by the effective use of various IT tools. Some of the advantages that E-governance is facilitating are listed here-

Provides the full information about the government educational schemes and policies.

Various educational courses and their criteria of eligibility.

About the different scholarship schemes to interact the youth for education.

Application and their systematic submission for education and job.

In improvement of employability rate of youths.

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