Venkateswar Meher


Higher education is the center of society. India's Higher Education Program is one of the most comprehensive programs in the world. India's Higher Education Program has been expanded during the national independence of several universities, technicians, research centers, etc throughout the country to produce and disseminate information that is aimed at providing the easiest access to higher education in indigenous Indians. New challenges facing the education system in this country cannot be met without the complete completion of the institution of management of higher education institutions. This is even more important because of globalization, which requires talent, ability, driving, action and comforts at several levels. If the management of higher education will be strong one then quality can be maintained in that level, so National Academic Accreditation Council (NAAC) has been formed for quality assurance in higher education. The present paper is based on the quality in higher education with reference to the role of NAAC. In this paper the core values of NAAC are emphasized with regards higher education in India. Along with that the quality dimensions of higher education has been narrated with reference to product, software and service dimensions as a whole. Finally, some quality assessment tools are being mentioned to assure quality in higher education institutions by NAAC.

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