Guru Ravidas and His Thought.



Throughout his life Shri Sant Guru Ravidas preached for equality, liberty and truthfulness. He exhorted human beings to shun rituals and superstitions. He showed right path of worship of one God. He was one of the leading saints of Bhakti movement. He has given a unique concept of ‘Begumpura’ (free from sorrows). He has stressed the need of establishment of Begumpura type of governance in the world. In such a state there will be no discrimination on the ground of caste, colour, sex, faith, religion and so on. All will be equal and there will be no worry at all. Every citizen will enjoy human rights-social, political, cultural, and spiritual. He laid the foundation of Socialistic Democratic Republic. In this paper, the ideas of Guru Ravidas are analyzed, with special reference to the concept of equality, liberty, untouchability, caste system and truthfulness, among others.


Sant Guru Ravidas, God, Bhakti Movement, Begumpura

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