A Conceptual Analysis of Changing Dimensions of Human Resource Management

P. V. Sathe


In this paper researcher wants to discuss the various aspects of changing dimensions of human resource management. Conventional approach towards human resource development and management is becoming absolute in today’s world. This is mainly because there is a growing complexity in human relations. Organization systems are becoming complicated. Technology has influenced in behavioral pattern of employee and concept of job has changed in multiple ways.  Post 1991 Indian economy is on fast track. There is huge rise in employment in service sector in India. Human resource is the prominent capital for these organizations. They do not have any alternative to manage this human capital with great care. Employees need to be equipped with specific skills. Organizations have to develop the workforce capable of taking up the challenges thrown by the new economic environment. To tackle this challenging situation, Indian academicians, economists and other related experts have advocated the adoption of the new concept of Human Resource Development.


Human resource, Necessity of HRM, Business challenges, HRD challenges.

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