Challenges and Issues of Women Entrepreneurship in Startup India Campaign

G. K Bengale


Entrepreneurship is the core of economic development. It is a multi- dimensional activity and essentially creative task. Entrepreneur is core factor of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in India has been a male-dominated phenomenon and it can be seen from the very early age. However time has changed this situation and brought women as today's most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. The position and status of women in any society is an index of its civilization and progress. An emerging entrepreneurial venture with fast growing business, developing and/or subsequently offering an innovative product, process or service can be termed as a startup company. Startups are playing a very crucial role in the development of economies at a comparatively faster pace all around the world. The technological innovation along with process creativity as well as new product development has given rise to a huge number of startups coming up in the markets in recent times. By considering the potential of this fast growing trend, the Indian Government launched a new scheme named Startup India. Its prime objectives are; to encourage and assist the young entrepreneurs in establishment of startups in India and Abroad as well. The paper talks about the status of women entrepreneurs & also analyzes the issues and Challenges of women entrepreneurship in India. 


Startup, India, Women Entrepreneurship, Challenges

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