G. K Bengale


In 21st century electronic tools and equipment’s have made revolution in the sector of manufacturing and use of the technological gadgets to transfer funds electronically by using various cashless options. Computers, laptops and smart phones (android phones) are used with the connectivity of internet to transfer funds to fulfill the requirements of every transaction within individuals and business organization. Online receipts and payments are become possible with the help of internet connectivity. In the initial stage of the development of internet; broadband connectivity system had been used to connect one computer with another computer but now day’s revolution in the field of internet has made it possible that one computer connects with another computer without wireless connectivity by using technological connecting instruments. With the use of computers and laptops, smart phones are used easily by providing connecting facilities with the internet. Smart phones are playing a vital role in cashless economy Now day’s frequent electronic transactions are made by every individual and business organization. In the field of receipts and payments, digital payment options are used frequently to receive amount and make payments digitally rather than the cash in the form of notes (hard cash). Digital payment system has been developed within a short period of time as the digital payments are made easily by using different digital payment options. Electronic and technological gadgets are used to fulfill the requirements of digital payments.


Cashless Economy, timeless technological gadgets, digital payments, digital platforms, smart cards, plastic money, RTGS, NEFT, AEPS, E-Commerce

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Digital Transactions for Small Businesses: By Joshua Sophy.

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