Social Media- a Positive or a Negative impact? ; A Study of the Psychological impact on Indians during the times of COVID - 19 Pandemic Lockdown

Surity Brohmo Choudhury, Ambalika Sarma BrahmaChoudhury


Social Media : a boon or ban? This research paper attempts to study the psychological impact of social media on its users. This is a exploratory paper with qualitative investigation. Thematic and sentiment analysis is done on the primary data collected. The primary data is collected through interviews and observation. The secondary data is collected from various books and journals. Data is collected from the social media platforms through Facebook and twitter mining. The research has divided the sentiments into negative and positive. It is found that social media has a  negative psychological impact on majority of the users.


Social Media, Psychological impact, Lockdown, COVID 19, Sentiment analysis

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